Initial release: 1982 Genre: Media critic, gamer, movie buff, retired streamer, non-binary transfem furry trash (she/her)

Growing up a deaf child with a difficult upbringing didn't stop me from trying to live in the world as best I could. I graduated with a journalism degree from University of Cincinnati, but my career was cut short due to unfortunate personal circumstances; I took up amateur media criticism as a means of filling my time and making use of an otherwise increasingly useless degree. Most of my reviews are part an ongoing project I've been running since 2018 to watch, read and play an ever-growing list of media following a loose chronological order regardless of how connected or disconnected they might be (so, for example, I would play Silent Hill, the original, before the original Resident Evil, as the latter game is definitively placed in July 1998 and the former is implied to be in the early eighties -- yet both of them are from different developers.) The core of the list was initially horror themed, but over time I began to add war films and games, thrillers, film noir, mythology/fantasy (provided it's set on Earth and not in a constructed world or if it's vague enough to argue either way,) stealth games, and historical epics.

This project initially started on Twitter, as it was partially intended as a writing experiment, but as my skills and style grew and evolved I moved to Medium and am in the slow process of reposting all my old reviews here. Each review is numbered, and any review number lower than #401 is from the Twitter era. This has been a slow process, but I hope to have it done before Elon Musk drives the site into the ground completely.

I review all sorts of media from movies to video games to comic books. I try to bring a naturalistic, audience-oriented approach to my reviews without getting too bogged down in technical details, but I am also not afraid to get my hands dirty in more nuanced analysis (also known as "being political.")

My favorite genres tend to lean towards -- surprise! -- horror (especially psychological) and, specific to video games, immersive sims (think Thief or Dishonored but my definition is quite expansive compared to most imsim fans.) But I also enjoy historical epic films, film noir, soulslikes (which, while not strictly imsims by any definition, share a lot of the same vibe) and old-school first person shooters. You can find my level-by-level breakdowns of the latter on tumblr.

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