WW2 #15: Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

PSP Medal of Honor more robust than its predecessor, but still lacking something

june gloom
2 min readMar 19, 2024

This review was originally posted to Twitter on September 26, 2018.

Initial release: November 13, 2007
Platform: PlayStation Portable, Wii
Developer: Electronic Arts Los Angeles/Electronic Arts Canada

As the original era of the World War 2 shooter drew to a close, Electronic Arts released no fewer than three Medal of Honor games in 2007, and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is the last one — and the last of the series’ WW2 era. It’s a bit of a low note.

(Technically it was four games, the fourth being a mobile phone version of Airborne, but I couldn’t get it to work in the emulator.)

The original Heroes was simplistic but fun, feeling more like a multiplayer game with singleplayer bots. Heroes 2 is more traditional, following a linear path like the old games. It’s also more frustrating, throwing hordes of enemies at you from all angles. Thank god for regenerating health.

First, the pros: it looks great, levels have some nice detail, which you wouldn’t ordinarily expect from the PSP. There’s slightly more music, and the levels have ambient background noise now. The intro videos are kinda cool, very reminiscent of the original Thief games. Sound effects are more robust. The downsides: hordes of enemies, and your radar doesn’t show you where they are either. The health regen takes forever. The controls are somehow worse, and slower. Enemies have high HP and hitboxes are wonky (which makes the MG42 almost worthless.)

Unlike the original game, which felt like a tribute to some of the previous games’ heroes (hence the name) this one creates a whole new protagonist. I mean, that’s FINE, but why do that for a subseries explicitly called Heroes?
I don’t quite understand what possessed them to make the game this way. Heroes 1 was simple, mindless fun, perfect to play on the go. Heroes 2 is more like one of the older games: linear and dull, and outstaying its welcome fairly quickly.

It’s no Vanguard I tell you hwat.

It’s a shame that this was how EA chose to close out the WW2 era of Medal of Honor. Vanguard is one of the best of the genre; Airborne and Heroes 2 in contrast just feel lifeless. Alas, that’s kind of the defining mark of the franchise — for every good game there’s two mediocre ones.




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